Wednesday, January 11, 2017

RPG Resolutions 2017

Since the original intention of TSRA was discuss rpgs, it's fitting to start my resolutions my plan for the hobby. Despite being excited as I returned the hobby last year, I got lost in a number of things. Many of which revolved around failing to stay on target! These following resolutions should keep me focused throughout the year.
  1. Reassess my rpg hobby priorities: Once I started diving into the hobby, I became slightly overwhelmed. With so many systems and genres out there, it distracts from simply sitting down and playing. I hope to narrow down this list of games and focus on just them. This list is the first step towards that! No real measurable goals here, just want to feel like I'm in control of my hobby.
  2. Play more: Kind of obvious. Despite reading so many articles, collecting materials, and listening to podcasts, I rarely played any games. The goal is to play twelve sessions. This is one game a month. Should be doable.
  3. Organize my physical collection: Ah, yes. I guess I should mention that I am a collector of things. I love both the nostalgia of the past and the pleasing look of an exciting collection. Unfortunately, currently my collection has no rhyme or reason. This is problematic for two reasons. My collection looks more like a collection of random stuff. And then the money used in buying these books comes from the same hobby budget that everything else comes from. Purchasing scattered books haphazardly fails grow the collection in any appreciative way nor assist in simple budgeting. I plan on categorizing what I already own, and then create a game for growing the collection.
  4. Renew my online game: The big one. A group of friends and I where in the closing chapters of a Savage Worlds adventure when life happened. A string of events effected each one of us in succession. I really this game continues. Ultima Forsan is a wonderful setting and the PCs were being taken to fun and interesting places. I want to revitalize this game. 
  5. Try out D&D 5E: I keep hearing good things about this system from different communities. Apparently WoTC manged to combine elements from the two different D&D camps. I own the starter box, which may be enough for me to try out the system. Ultimately I would like to play at least a session or two.
  6. Play a Cthulhu game: I want to play in the paranoid world of Cthulhu. I am not even concerned about the system, though Trail or Achtung are most likely. Cthulhu campaigns seem to be good for one shots, which may help me in the saving time department. At least one full scenario is the goal.
  7. Play face to face with old friends: I like playing with my old group online but not everyone can join our designated night. And while there are benefits to online, nothing really beats that feeling of sitting at a table with your best friends. I would love to just play a scenario or two of something.
  8. Not GMing for a session: Don't get me wrong, I love GMing and will remain as a primary focus. But I would like to have a go at being a player. I can't even remember the last time that I just played a PC. One session would be a nice breather!
  9. Write my own piece of work: I really want to write my own rpg material and possibly be published in the future. I have a number of ideas, themes, settings, systems floating in my head and would like to get at least one of these onto paper! I want to focus on one piece of work and get a rough draft finished by the end of the year.
  10. Run a OSR game: I love the simple yet elegant rule sets that have come out of the old school renaissance. There is something refreshing about the idea of quickly rolling up characters and charging into dungeons. Cut straight to the action! Ideally I thing it would be neat to do this face to face, but hell, I'll settle for a couple of online sessions.
So there we are, the first of my 2017 resolutions. It is a big list and I am sure I will not be able to get it all in but I think it just may keep me focused. Stay tuned for more new year resolutions!

But till then, what are your plans for rpgs this year?

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