Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Season 1 AAR#2: Ultima Forsan

Welcome to an extremely late after action report. I wished to post this much earlier but it between a long work week and a cold that simply will not go away, I have been drained after work. I was a bit nervous with this session as it was involved the plagued and I wasn't sure how combat will be with the party. But lets dive right in.

We are playing the Secrets of Marco Polo adventure which comes in the GM section of Ultima Forsan which uses the Savage Worlds rulebook. I recommend players whose GM is playing to use the adventure wait a couple of AARs till that start reading as my group should have moved on.

With that out of the way lets roll.

Malakai: A plague doctor whom is determined to find a cure to the plague. Native of New Venice.
Chuvalski: A well dressed Russian whom seems capable of holding himself in a fight.
Dalmasca: An Egyptian Deadhunter.

AAR 2:
We left the party after finding themselves on the tartan ship Pandora, owned by a jovial Captain Largo Secillano. They traveled towards Old Venice, a city of sorrow, to meet Captain Aschenbach and her ship the Bucintoro. The party tried lending a hand though what they had in effort, they lacked in skill and luck. After Chuvalski ended up over the railing with a rope holding him up by the ankle, Captain Secillano assured the party that as long as they ignored what was below deck, their friendly banter was all that he asked for. Doing so, each offered tidbits of their past and traded tales of adventure. Even Dalmasca, who retreated up the mast, joined the conversation. Captain Secillano offered the most juiciest topic when he discussed the lands of Matrega.
As the Pandora approached the Bucintoro, a burly but kind second in command named Othello greeted the party, whose lack of sea skills showed yet again during transit between ships to the amusement of the crew. Joining her crew in light jibbing, Captain Hilaire Aschenbach greeted the party on her ship’s deck. Despite her appearance of being tainted, a trait shared by her entire crew, Aschenbach’s beauty charmed the party. Malakai in particular became smitten and made introductions with particular gusto. Aschenbach played along and offered the party dinner invitations and a nights rest before showing them the way to Marco Polo’s palace. As she excused herself to read the letter from Melqisedeq, Secillano parted ways promising to return within a day or two.
Dinner consisted of fair but delicious food and the party learned how the crew supported itself. The Bucintoro often lent crew members as guides into Old Venice. Due to years of living along a city of sorrow’s outskirts, they had intimate knowledge of its passageways. Being tainted, the crew had no fear of effects brought by prolonged exposure to the miasma, (a toxic mist associated with the plague). Aschenbach explained what information she knew of the Book of Sun that the party was after. During dinner, Aschenbach and Malakai traded not so subtle flirtations despite eye rolling from the rest of the party and Othello. Aschenbach offered crewman Ceccin as guide to the city and retires with the plague doctor to her chambers to “discuss books.”
The next day, Ceccin brought the party into Old Venice and to Marco Polo’s palace. There, the party hoped to find clues to where Polo hid his treasure including the Book of the Sun. As the party approached the doors, Ceccin shouted a warning that they were not alone. A number of drowned ones (water traveling plagued) began working their way up the courtyard and towards the party. Deciding not to risk a fight with the plagued, the party ran into the palace and barred the doors while Ceccin distracted the drowned and attempt to draw them away. 

Feeling relatively safe, the party began searching the first floor of the palace and found a hidden trap door and stairs leading up. After successfully navigating the rotted staircase with only a minor setback, the party continued their search of the second floor. While much of the floor contained opened rooms, one door was firmly locked. Kicking the door open, Malakai narrowly avoided a spear shooting up from the floor. After looking for any further signs of traps, the party entered what appeared to be a library. After searching the room the party found the Journal of Marco Polo that contained additional clues as to the Polo’s treasure. Malakai also found a journal discussing Russia during the early plague years. He pocketed the book for study in the future.
The party then made their way to the basement where they encountered a plague that was transfused to the wall and covered in mollusks. Malakai could not help but take a sample to study and the rest of the party found a few items of value. Finding nothing else and wishing to not miss Ceccin, the party made their escape.
As Ceccin brought the party close to the Bucintoro, they saw the deck near empty but for a few crew members and Othello. Suspicious, the party prepared themselves as they climbed aboard. To their horror they found Othello and two crew mates had turned. Sounds coming from the crew quarters suggested the rest of the crew had escaped and barricaded themselves. The party found themselves on the defense as the three possessed attacked. Malakai took injuries but managed to avoid any of the attacks actually breaking his skin. Diving to side he managed to fire a shot to aid the rest of the party. Firing their own weapons, the rest of the party managed to take down the two crewman. After trading attacks, Chuvalski managed to down the massive Othello.
If that seems like an abrupt end, it is because we had to call it a night. Due to some scheduling problems we had to start the game later than normal and by the time the fight ended I had to call it quits. Stay tuned for the next AAR to find out what happened to the crew of the Bucintoro.
If you have any suggestions or questions don't hesitate to chirp up!