Sunday, April 9, 2017

Kickstarter Interests: 4/9/2017

This is a follow up to some Kickstarters that I am currently watching. If only I could buy them all! Alas, time and money is always the issue.

Clash of Steel: A Tactical Card Game of Medieval Duels

You stand across the bloodied mud of the battlefield. Your mortal enemy is just out of range, seething with lethal intent. Only one of you will walk away; only one will be victorious. Choose your weapons, test your mettle, and cross steel with your foe in a duel to the death.

Clash of Steel is a tactical two-player card game of medieval duels. Every element of play is designed to explore the nuanced and complex decision-making of crossing blades, from choosing your stance to selecting your target.

A two player card game that can be played in 15 min. There appears to be a lot of strategy and reading your opponent involved. The size of the game is designed to be able to be thrown into your bag and go. Only $12 plus $4-6 shipping. I just had to back this.

The Goon™ Roleplaying Game is based on the multiple Eisner Award-winning comic, The Goon™, by Eric Powell.

Feast them peepers on a samplin' of what we got lined up for ya in this 192-page extravaganza:
A guide to the Town's mean streets and deadly secrets
New Edges and Hindrances so your character can toughen up and be like Goon
Setting Rules to help you bring the comedy and tragedy of Goon and Franky's pulp-noir world to life
An adventure generator full of ideas to help build your own Goon™ stories
An unholy pack of shock-inducing Grievous Yarns (Savage Tales)
All the most infamous tough guys, lugs, dames, and evil, icky things from the comic's entire run—with Savage Worlds game statistics
And an original Plot Point that sees the return of a few of Goon and Franky's oldest and hillbilly-est enemies!

It's printed in a whopping 192 pages of graphic novel format and available in Limited Edition hardcover, so lemme tell ya, bub—this is one game you won't wanna miss!

This game ain't about heroes, per se. More like antiheroes. Join the Goon's crime syndicate—or play as Goon, Franky, and the rest of their crew—and fight off the rival gangs what's encroachin' on your turf, while you collect on Goon's debts and whatnot. You might also succeed at fighting off the tide of bleak suffering that's set to consume yer soul. Then again you might not!

But while you're contemplatin' the psychology and so forth, make sure to watch out for Zombie Priest and his legions of groanin', brain-chomping zombies; they're a constant hassle. If that ain't bad enough, there's crazed-yet-brilliant Dr. Hieronymus Alloy and his robots goin' on a rampage every other week. You also want to keep a lookout for swarms of chug-heads...what they call "changelings." Yeah. They're nasty little buggers.

Believe me, pal, we ain't even got to the worst of it yet. You sure you wanna join up with Goon's crew?

One of the big things right now is that backing either this or their Fear Agents campaign grants you pdfs of the Deadlands Player's Guide and Marshal's Handbook, East Texas University, Rippers Resurrected Player's Guide and Game Master's Handbook, and The Last Parsec Core rulebook. That is an insane bonus with tremendous value. If you have been at all interested in Savage Worlds settings, jump on this! I'm backing, just debating on if I am getting the softcover, or splurging for the hardcover...

The Iron Crows of Kazhuk Izril and other dwarf miniatures

In 1973, a study carried out by researchers from the University of Borghetto San Nicolò elaborated the "Scale of happiness" (or De Carli's Scale, by its creator's name), an order of magnitude which measures the happiness of a person on the basis of certain factors. Without going into details, the various studies correlated the proportion between the income of an individual and the extent of his collection of Dwarfs: in 94% of cases, it has been demonstrated that those who spend at least 42% of their income in Dwarf miniatures are on average happier than others.This discovery shocked the scientific community at that time, generating fierce debates and disputes, but everything was soon hushed up by the lobbies of fashion which saw in Elves a model of beauty more functional to their business. In defiance of the system and the standards imposed from above, we of the Durgin Paint Forge have worked hard for more than two years to realize a collection of Dwarfs that can allow you take a leap forward in your personal De Carli's Scale. This project is an act of love: we know how important it is for you to have awesome miniatures with which to widen your collection of dwarfs, and precisely for this reason we have endeavored to give you only our best. A spontaneous, visceral, loud and often inappropriate love: typically Italian, indeed. You will soon find that only a temporary restraining order may prevent us from loving you. In the meantime, sit down comfortably and enjoy excellence.

These may be some of the best looking dwarfs that I have seen, and the prices are really reasonable. Sadly I don't think that I can back this project right now as I just can't justify spending the money after backing some other projects. If I had a need for dwarfs I would as the models are simply awesome.

There are a few others that I am looking at but there are still plenty of days left on those. Anything here spark your interest?

Saturday, April 8, 2017

Kickstarter Interests: 4/8/2017

There are so many wonder projects currently floating around on the Kickstarter I thought I would share a few that have caught my interest. Enjoy!


Magnificent series of high-quality 54 mm miniatures in resin to collect and paint, based on the illustrations of Jean-Baptiste MONGE.

I don't really know of any game use for this range of models but that is not the point. They are gorgeous. I have been meaning to start a display piece project. I think I found it. While I can't really splurge to get more than one, $23 for a high quality and unique model is a good price. I'm backing this one. Only three days left.

The Umerican Survival Guide

Umerica is a super science & sorcery post apocalyptic setting for the Dungeon Crawl Classics role playing game from Goodman Games set in a weird, twisted version of North and Central America. It originated in the Crawling Under a Broken Moon fanzine but the Umerican Survival Guide is a fully revised and fleshed out version of the setting.

It will be released with not just one, but a choice of two different covers: Delve and Chase!

This is a setting guide to the material found in the much talked about Broken Moon fanzine. The setting itself seems so unique and interesting. There are various bits in there that ask, what would following generations see us as based on what we leave behind. The lower rewards are $10 for the PDFs and $25 for PDF with a voucher for Drivethru's POD system. Kind of on the fence, I really want to play in the world but never played DCC before. We shall see.

Castles & Crusades Players Handbook #7

You’ll find with C&C that the game is easy to play, but more importantly is its versatility. You can take your house rules and drop them right on top of the C&C mechanic (the Siege Engine) and keep on playing. You are in control. Take the advantage/disadvantage system from 5E and use it with C&C. There’s nothing stopping you.

What’s even better, because the whole game is driven by attribute checks that have only loose guidelines, the game master chooses what attribute check the player rolls. If they want the wizard to swim better, make the character roll an intelligence check to swim the river. It’s your game. Take it.

Though I can't swing it right now, $15 plus shipping for a new rulebook seems good. Only four days to go.

Paladin Card Protectors - Premium Sleeves for Gamers

A holy knight, a defender of the realm and its people, an example of nobility, strenth and resilience - the Paladin. A name that sets a new industry standard for all who love their games and believe the best possible protection from damage and wear.

Paladin Card Protection was established by and experienced team of designers and publishers, but - first and foremost - passionate fans of tabletop games. We believe that our desire to preserve the games we play for years is shared by true gamers around the world.

Perhaps it is because I was a Magic player back in the day, but I want to sleeve everything. These sleeves can fit any standard card game and there are options for many different board game sizes. The first level is 6 packs of 55 sleeves and the saving only get better as you go up. Backing. Only four days to go.

So that is it for now, but there are a few more that I am looking at that I may post later. Have you backed anything lately?