Saturday, April 8, 2017

Kickstarter Interests: 4/8/2017

There are so many wonder projects currently floating around on the Kickstarter I thought I would share a few that have caught my interest. Enjoy!


Magnificent series of high-quality 54 mm miniatures in resin to collect and paint, based on the illustrations of Jean-Baptiste MONGE.

I don't really know of any game use for this range of models but that is not the point. They are gorgeous. I have been meaning to start a display piece project. I think I found it. While I can't really splurge to get more than one, $23 for a high quality and unique model is a good price. I'm backing this one. Only three days left.

The Umerican Survival Guide

Umerica is a super science & sorcery post apocalyptic setting for the Dungeon Crawl Classics role playing game from Goodman Games set in a weird, twisted version of North and Central America. It originated in the Crawling Under a Broken Moon fanzine but the Umerican Survival Guide is a fully revised and fleshed out version of the setting.

It will be released with not just one, but a choice of two different covers: Delve and Chase!

This is a setting guide to the material found in the much talked about Broken Moon fanzine. The setting itself seems so unique and interesting. There are various bits in there that ask, what would following generations see us as based on what we leave behind. The lower rewards are $10 for the PDFs and $25 for PDF with a voucher for Drivethru's POD system. Kind of on the fence, I really want to play in the world but never played DCC before. We shall see.

Castles & Crusades Players Handbook #7

You’ll find with C&C that the game is easy to play, but more importantly is its versatility. You can take your house rules and drop them right on top of the C&C mechanic (the Siege Engine) and keep on playing. You are in control. Take the advantage/disadvantage system from 5E and use it with C&C. There’s nothing stopping you.

What’s even better, because the whole game is driven by attribute checks that have only loose guidelines, the game master chooses what attribute check the player rolls. If they want the wizard to swim better, make the character roll an intelligence check to swim the river. It’s your game. Take it.

Though I can't swing it right now, $15 plus shipping for a new rulebook seems good. Only four days to go.

Paladin Card Protectors - Premium Sleeves for Gamers

A holy knight, a defender of the realm and its people, an example of nobility, strenth and resilience - the Paladin. A name that sets a new industry standard for all who love their games and believe the best possible protection from damage and wear.

Paladin Card Protection was established by and experienced team of designers and publishers, but - first and foremost - passionate fans of tabletop games. We believe that our desire to preserve the games we play for years is shared by true gamers around the world.

Perhaps it is because I was a Magic player back in the day, but I want to sleeve everything. These sleeves can fit any standard card game and there are options for many different board game sizes. The first level is 6 packs of 55 sleeves and the saving only get better as you go up. Backing. Only four days to go.

So that is it for now, but there are a few more that I am looking at that I may post later. Have you backed anything lately?

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