Monday, March 13, 2017

Hobby Update: 13 Feb 2017

I have been quite busy the last two weeks, and decided to share a hobby update.

On the miniature front, I finished four Stormcast Enternals with a fifth waiting for some paint on its wings. Currently on a holding pattern until I get to the hobby shop afterwords  expect some pictures. In the mean time I have started an additional five which have been base coated.

I participated in another monthly event of Star Trek Attack Wing. I didn't manage to buy the scout cube but I did pick up another Dominion ship to start building out that fleet. That places the number of events at two! However, they were not the only games I played!

My weekend two weeks ago was filled with awesomeness. First, my sister and her husband visited for a Saturday play date with the kids. Me and the brother-in-law took advantage of this. Last year he expressed interest in miniature gaming so for Christmas I bought him a starter box of Malifuax Gremlins. As you can see, not bad painting for his first time. We played a henchman battle to teach him the game. I played a wonky Neverborn crew using Candy. No real combos but it was just great playing the game again.

Later that night we also played a game of dominion. I have the Alchemy expansion but I think it is time for an additional one as I feel like the game is getting a bit stale.

That was not the only fun that weekend! Joey came up Sunday to spend the night. Hearing that I played a game of Malifuax, he asked that we do the same. We decided on a massive 50SS game which allowed him to use some new models he picked up for his Outcasts. It was a pretty tight game, I was trying to maneuver for objectives and he was going straight towards the face. I love how this game focuses on attaining victory points rather than simply trying to table your opponent.

Latter that night we played dominion again with my wife, yup time for a new expansion. In the morning we played STAW and then headed downstairs for another round of Malifuax. This time we played a smaller game which allowed me to bring out my own Gremlin crew for the first time. They are definitely fun to play, but the strategy rolled against me and I don't have the additional models to adjust the game plan for. It was still a fun match, and really renewed my zeal to play the jump back into the game.

In regards to RPG side of things, I still have not managed to play any games. But I am posturing for it. I worked out the playing schedule with the Ultima Forsan group and I think I picked out what campaign I will be playing for the Sunday crew. Expect more latter.

Hope you enjoyed this. What plans for the hobby do you have the next couple weeks?

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