Sunday, January 1, 2017

Happy New Year

First I guess I should say happy new year. It was a wild year for me, one that really felt like it got out of my hands in many aspects. This is evident from the complete lack of posts after I started this blog. I really plan to change that with the new year. What better time to try to refresh yourself like than the beginning of the year!

With that being said expect a number of post this month. One recounting where I am at with my Ultima Forsan rpg game. The game is not dead yet. There is one AAR that I am working on now, and the group really wants to get this going again. I think I may be able to resurrect this game. We shall see.

The other posts will be resolution style posts. These posts will highlight the direction this blog will be going. Instead of simply focusing on rpgs, I am going to include all my interests. This includes hobby gaming, wargaming, video games, and other general nerdy aspects such as movies, anime, books, and comics. These other things will be generally limited as the main purpose of the blog will remain game oriented.

With all this said, I hope to create an awesome community. Expect a number of posts these next few weeks!

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