Sunday, January 29, 2017

AAR: Star Trek Attack Wing - The Corbomite Maneuver

While mapping an unexplored region of space, an unidentified object approaches your fleet at light speed, but it slows down as it nears your ships. As you attempt to move away from it, it follows your every move and won’t let you escape. You determine that it is a space buoy and quickly learn that it is emitting a radiation that is harmful to your ships. You must find a way to escape it or destroy it.

Suddenly, you are set upon by an enemy fleet. The enemy ships seem to have the same problems with the buoy. Will your fleet survive the deadly radiation as well as the attacks from the enemy fleet?

I began my quest of playing more games within my gaming community by showing up for the monthly STAW OP event at the local gaming store. This month we played The Corbomite Maneuver. There were four of us which meant only two rounds. To tell the truth, on a weekday that is just fine. The guys were great and completely understanding that I am relatively new to the game. They even taught me some new tricks.

I brought the following list (we play 130 point pure lists):
Queen Vessel Prime (42)
Tactical Drone (3)
Transwarp Signal (4)
Magnus Hansen (1)
Borg Sphere (38)
Tactical Drone (4)
Four of Twelve (2)
Borg Type 03 (36)
Drone (0)

I manged to go one and one with this list. I never managed to use the Transwarp Signal on the Queen vessel and I now thing that those four points may be better going towards a captain on the third ship. I also think for the next event I may swap out the Type 03 for a scout cube even though that would limit me strictly to range 2 ships. It will be a store time decision though since I will make the cube my buy in towards the event.

As for my thoughts on the event, the gimmick fell a bit flat. Of the four matches played, the buoy was destroyed during the first round of firing with no one in its radius. In the match where is remained after the first turn, we largely ignored it. It actually followed me for a bit but I always found it more of a small problem than a large threat. It just didn't seem to have much importance on the table. I think is could have posed a greater threat if either the buoy had an increase in damage or blast radius. A harder to destroy target may have increased the excitement as well.

Overall I enjoyed my time there and learned a few things about other fleets as well as my own. I do plan on making this a reacquiring event. The night did make me start thinking about starting a new fleet....

Have you tried this OP? If you did tell us what you thought!

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