Monday, May 29, 2017

WIP Shelf: 5/29/2017

I want to start to keep track of my painting work in progress shelf. As of now it is pretty full with different projects. Time to cut down!

Khorgorath (AOS): The first piece for my Khorne army from the AOS starter box. I am hoping to finish him soon as most of the time consuming work is finished. I think he may be one of my best models yet!

Bloodstoker (AOS): The second piece for the first senior in the starter set. I hope to start him in earnest in the next couple of weeks.

Two Water Towers: These two pieces are mostly put together. I need to green stuff some gaps and then prime them. They are from

Prosecutors x2 (AOS): These two will be next after the Khorgorath. So far I only have the gold base coat on them.

Lord Chompy Bits (Malifuax): Sitting sadly with his blue base coat...

Mean Jelly Bean (Dark Age): I really need to work on him sometime soon. I will most likely be playing Brood if the game is played at PAX Unplugged. His skin is done with weapon and attachments left.

Bad Juju (Malifuax): No big rush.

Silurid x3 (Malifuax): To go with Bad Juju, but with Zoraida not even put together there is no real rush.

Four more gremlins (Malifuax): I managed to knock one out last week. Most of the painting on these models are done. Just need to do highlights on them. This was part of my finish another crew challange.

As you can see I have allot to do! What are your current works?


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